Smart NID card

Smart NID card is a important document for a citizen of a country.NID card refers to National Identity card which is issued by Bangladesh Election Commission(EC) to the citizen of Bangladesh.It is a very important document to prove the legality of a citizen.Nowadays, all most in all aspects of life NID or Smart NID card is being used and needed.So,of course we should have know about this important document.Here I am to write about the NID & Smart ID card of Bangladesh.

Already we have learnt about the NID card.we will talk aboyt the Smart ID card of Bangladesh now.

Since October, 2016 all Bangladeshi adult citizens are provided the Smart NID card by the government. The Government of Bangladesh has digitalized the process by providing smart NID card where all data is stored.It is mainly a chip based plastic card with embedded circuit.let’s know about Smart card in more detail.

What is Smart Card?

A smart card is a small portable computer, usually the size of a credit card, without a display and a keyboard.

It integrates a microprocessor, some memory, and some apps. 

The circular metal contact is vital to connect to the chip below and activate the card electrically.

It can be used as a National eID card.The technology offers more robust identification and authentication tools for both authorities’ and citizens’ benefits.

Let’s start the discussion about how to apply for Smart NID card online in Bangladesh. Firstly,we have to know about the documents which are needed for the application of Smart NID card.

Required Documents

  • S.S.C. or equivalent certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport / Driving license / TIN certificate
  • Utility bill copy/House rent receipt/Holding tax receipt – (as a proof of address)
  • Citizenship certificate (as applicable)
  • Father, Mother, Husband/wife’s ID card photocopy.

Though there is no compulsion to provide all those documents but it’s better to show as much as we can.It will help to prove your area of residence and Legal age.And it is also important to remember that you have to be 18 to be included in the voter list.

Now,let’s know about how to apply for Smart NID card in online.

Apply for Smart NID card in online

it is possible to apply for a new voter ID card from your handset by online. a few easy steps are need to be performed.first you need to visit from your mobile or computer. for new enrollment in the voter list the apply button should be clicked. A form like interface will appear where you have to write your full name in English. Then you have to enter your date of birth.Then enter the appeared captcha exactly in the text box.

after all this process the continue button will appear.Then,just click on it.

Then, follow the steps:

Step 1: Enter your name in both English and Bangla.

Step 2: Without your name give all the information in Bangla with Unicode font.

Step 3: After completing all the steps you will see an application preview.

Step 4: Download the form and print it.

Step 5: Submit the application form to the office.

After checking your information by the office, if all the information is correct then you will get a confirmation SMS. After receiving the SMS, you will collect your registration card online copy.

check smart NID card online

You can also check online voter ID card by following a few simple steps. The job is also very easy. If we explain everything beautifully, it will be easier than you think. So the detailed guideline of how to do it is presented to you.

  1. First visit here.
  2. Type the slip number of the voter registration form in the first box.
  3. Then type your date of birth in the second box and fill the following captcha correctly.
  4. Click on the “View Voter Information”

Downloading NID card online

now proceed to the next steps, you must have an installed app named NID wallet on your mobile. by using the app, use the scan QR code which was provided during the registration process. then verify your face using the phone camera. as soon as your face is verified the browser will refresh and load with your photo and the page will guide you to set a your national ID card is ready to it and print it.

Does it cost any fee?

The fee for renewal of the National ID card has been set at Tk 100. However, urgent processing would cost Tk 50 more.

If the card is lost or destroyed, replacing that would cost Tk 200 when done for the first time. Urgent processing would need another Tk 100 more.

If one needs a replacements for the second time, it would cost Tk 200 (General) and Tk 500 (Urgent).

Every case of replacement after the second instance would become dearer, costing Tk 500 fees for general and Tk 1,000 for urgent processing.

Applications for replacements would have to be made at the Identity Registration Division of the commission. The fees would have to be given via a pay order addressed to the EC secretary or through online payment channels.

Correction of mistakes in the IDs would also cost — Tk 200 when done for the first time, TK 300 when done for the second time and Tk 400 after that.

In case, the information has to be changed, it would cost Tk 100 for the first time, Tk 200 for the second time and Tk 300 every time thereafter.

The Election Commission would also be providing identity verification services to government organisations and authorities. The service seekers would have to pay Tk 500,000 to register for the services. Each verification would cost Tk 2. 

In case, the government organisations or statuary bodies needs the information, they can subscribe by paying Tk 500,000. Each information would require Tk 1 while renewal of the access would cost Tk 100,000.

Final words

NID is needed in every aspects in our life.It is a document being a citizen of Bangladesh.Those who are 18 should ready their NIDs in time.

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