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Hi all readers welcome to Niyoti Bengali blog.

Niyoti is a multi niche blog site basically in Bengali. We also provide some articles in English. It is an excellent storage of Informations about Technology, Agriculture, Religion, Education, Literature, and different kinds of content about business.

Why Niyoti is exceptional?

Mostly in our website Niyoti contents are written from experience. There is no such information which is unauthentic.

The Founder of Niyoti

The founder of Niyoti and the CEO is MD.Soleiman (Soleiman Mahmud).He is an experienced blogger, content writer and former businessman. He completed his Taq mil Fil Hadees degree from Darul Uloom Moinul Islam Hathazari in the year of 2020.

Our honorable team members are

Rezoana Rishta
Content writer and a student of B.sc in agriculture

Rakib Khan
Content writer

Shamrat Mohanta joy
Content writer and a student of B.Sc in economics

Mahmuda tinni
Content writer and student

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We want you to visit Niyoti in a regular manner. That’s why we are committed to provide you the quality content which will be able to fulfill your want.You can help us by providing any suggestion and criticism for the betterment.

Moreover,if you are good at any of the listed topic and want to share your content with us,then please contact us. In this case, if your article is published you have the honorarium presently.

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