A Paragraph on The Padma Bridge

The padma bridge is one of the greates achievement for our entire nation.As it is a hot topic in recent times so,we can consider it as an important topic for paragraph in examination.so,here is a paragraph on The Padma Bridge.

For classes:SSC

“The Padma Bridge”

The Padma river is one of the largest rivers in Bangladesh dividing the southern part people from the capital. So it was important to construct a bridge over the Padma. Once upon a time it was our dream but now it became a reality. Padma Bridge has connected Munshiganj with two districts named Shariatpur and Madaripur. The total length of the bridge is 6.1 5 km. It has two part. The upper part is used to transport vehicles and the lower part is used to transport trains. Padma Bridge is the milestone of our country. It is the largest and the most useful Bridge China major based Construction limited has constructed it under the control of Bangladesh Bridge authority. The bridge has caused totally is about 30000 crore taka. After taking the project of Padma bridge in 2014 JICA and UNDP wanted to invest 1.9 billion dollar but against these projects conspiracy and corruption they had withdrawn their proposal. After the incident our honorable Prime Minister to come memorable step and we have built this make a bridge with our own capital. In spite of large investment Bangladesh will be able to achieve about 2 to 3% more GDP growth per year by this. By Padma Bridge people of the southern part of Bangladesh can easily come to the capital. Before constructing this bridge they had to depend on only ferry and that was really horrible for them. Padma Bridge will increase our economic activities and Bangladesh may become more developed then before. It is not just a bridge rather than emotion of Bangladeshi people. Now our country is not poor. Padma Bridge has proved it. Bangladesh shows that.The bridge construction over the Padma was really challenging issue and we already have passed it. Those who had died during construction we should salute them. At last we can say that Padma Bridge is our Pride.

For classes:HSC

“The Padma Bridge”

The Padma multipurpose Bridge is commonly known as the Padma Bridge. It is a two level Road rail bridge across the Padma river. It has the four lane highway on the upper level and the single track railway on the lower level. The bridge consists of 41 section its total length is 6.1 5 km it is the longest bridge in Bangladesh. The China major Bridge Engineering Corporation (MBEC) has carried out the work. It’s estimated construction cost is 3.2 billion dollar. the bridge connected Mawa, Munshiganj and Janjira, Shariatpur the Awami League government planned to build the Padma Bridge with external funding from the World Bank ADB and JICA. However in 2012 the world banks and day withdrew from finding the project blaming corruption of government officials. It seriously impacted the image of the country. After that Bangladesh government initiated self funding for the project. Finally it has been completed. So, the completion of the Padma Bridge has become a symbol of national pride and dignity. On June 25, 2022 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the bridge. She said” the bridge is not just brick cement iron and concrete. The bridge is our pride. A symbol of our capacity our strength and our dignity. This bridge belongs to the people of Bangladesh. The bridge will contribute to our economic growth. Economist say that it will increase our GDP about 1.2% per yea. When the railway component of the bridge is completed the project will contribute another one percent to the GDP. It connects 21 district in Southwest Bangladesh with the capital Dhaka by road and rail and cart travel time substantially. In addition to reducing the time and cost of transporting passengers and goods vehicles maintenance and fuel cost will be much lower. The Padma Bridge will reduce the distance from Mongla port to Dhaka by more than hundred km. Additionally the Ship breaking industry RMG assembling plant and storage facilities will be set up in the resume. According to a bsic source 500 to 1000 factories of the different sectors will be set up in 6 districts of the Barisal division in the next 10 years other experts confirm that the bridge will help alleviate poverty boost trade tourism and industry and create opportunities for employment in the Southwest of the country. The Padma Bridge has regional implications as well. It will improve connectivity Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal signed a motorcycle agreement for the regulation of passenger personal and cargo vehicular traffic. In 2015 the Padma Bridge will provide the BBIN network with the connectivity. The bridge has a plan of rail line gas electricity optical fibre cable extension facility for the overall development of Bangladesh. The mighty Padma Bridge will play a vital role. As it was thought impossible to build a mighty Bridge like this with own fund but it is true now.It is considered a very important infrastructure for the transportation Network and regional economic development of the country.

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